T-Roy Miller, with his distinct guitar style, has been a sought after ingredient by musicians for their various projects throughout his life. Being born with a passion for music, T-Roy began his guitar studies young. He even had the honor, at seventeen years old, to be chosen as one of a handful of guitarists to study face to face with the legendary guitarist, Chet Atkins. T-Roy has performed on stage and in studio with artists such as Slaid Cleaves, Max Stalling, Eleven-Hundred Springs, Mark David Manders, and the list goes on. Having recorded numerous projects in his own studio, T-Roy Miller has become known as a music producer and sound engineer as well. His own personal music endeavors showcase his witty songwriting and his inventive finger-style guitar compositions and arrangements (his instrumental collection of Christmas music is a favorite!).

Many of T-Roy’s friends and fans became acquainted with him from his popular music concert/campout, Pickin’ in the Pines, which he has hosted for more than 25 years at his homestead in Pine Mills, Texas. Guy Clark, Lee Roy Parnell, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Billy Joe Shaver, Rusty Weir, Kevin Welch, Walt and Tina Wilkins, Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines are just a few of the artists that have graced the Pickin’ in the Pines stage.

T-Roy spends much of his time making and performing music with his talented singer/songwriter/guitarist wife, Candace Miller, in the hill country of central Texas. Together, they are commonly known as “T and C Miller”. It was in those same Texas hills that he met and became friends with ShAnnie (Shan Kowert and Annie Acton). Lately, T-Roy enjoys adding his guitar talents to the music of ShAnnie, whom he plays, tours, and laughs with regularly.

“T-Roy Miller is one of my favorite musicians. He’s smart and sensitive and enormously talented. He knows when to lay back and when to kick ass. The most exciting thing about T-Roy is that he continues to grow as a musician; even after being recognized as a brilliant young sideman, he has begun to establish himself as a producer, engineer, singer, songwriter, and band leader. He’s a well-rounded, world class musician.”
— Slaid Cleaves
“Hands down, T-Roy Miller, who was making his second appearance at the Supper Club, stole the show with his guitar playing–smooth and velvety and dripping with texture, thanks to a background that includes some classical guitar work and plenty of Chet Atkins flavor”
— Lana Sweeten-Shults, Times Record News
“With the exception of Chet Atkins, I have never heard anyone finger pick two and three parts of one song at the same time with such skill and grace”
— Tim Farrell, Blue Grass in Review

T-Roy is a renaissance man of Texas Music. Aside from his distinguished songwriting, T-Roy has made a name for himself as a musician that resonates through the hearts and rolodexes of his peers.

“I had heard T-Roy play with Max Stalling and I heard his CD, which I thought was great, but I never really understood how good he really was until I stood beside him on stage one night. He blew me away!”
— Tommy Alverson
“What can I say, T-Roy is T-Riffic. Rockin’ country done Texas style and his hair is the envy of all men my age.”
— Chris Wall
“T-Roy and Candace embrace what I so cherish about our Texas music scene. The camaraderie, the real stories, the humor, the singing, the guitars ringing out at all hours of the day and night, the simplicity and also…the depth. These two are some of my favorites. And if given the opportunity, they will become yours too.”
— Terri Hendrix, Willory Farm recording artist

That's just some to be said about T. Just let his music say the rest...but to finish up with a thought from Texas singer-songwriter Brian Burns: "He appears a quiet, polite, and unassuming long-haired country boy...until he picks up a stringed instrument...then you realize you're dealing with a monster. T-Roy Miller has some of the most precise, tasteful chops you've ever heard...one of the most tremendously talented musicians in the great state of Texas."

Well said.